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Standard Sizes – Slim Lines - Slope Tops - Slim Line with Slope Tops – Extra Long – Fraction Sizes

20 + Years of Experience – Building and perfecting Dual-Temperature Pans, Cold Pans, Ice Pans and Frost Tops for more than 20 years.

Selection – offering more than 100+ models; the broadest, deepest and widest selection in the industry, providing solutions for every application.

Value – The best prices in the industry, bar none.

Quality Construction – every model features heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, including one-piece stainless-steel top flanges and stainless-steel liners for maximum strength and durability.

Approved – all models are NSF and UL listed.

Environmentally Friendly – all models are fully insulated with CFC-Free insulation to save energy and use CFC-Free refrigerant to save our environment.

Application – Holds pre-chilled foods at cold and fresh temperatures and are ideal for pre-packaged food and drinks or for non-pre-packaged foods. Cold Pans are available with 3” deep Top Rails or 1” deep Top Rails.

Easy to Service – every model feature’s 1” drains for ease of cleaning while Dual Temperature, Cold Pan and Frost Top models feature a site glass, service valves, filter/dryer and receiver for quick and easy service.

Easy to Use – All Dual Temperature, Cold Pan ad Frost Tops feature individual thermostatic controls, on/off switch, an 8’ cord and plug while controls may be remotely mounted for operator convivence.

Dual Temperature Models – also feature auto-fill and immersion heaters for quicker heat times and can be changed from hot-to-cold or from cold-to-hot with the flip of a switch.

Frost Tops – also features a heavy gauge stainless-steel top with a full parameter drip trough and accommodates full-size or fractional-sized sheets pans. 

Remote Systems and Export models available

Incredible quality.
Expanded product line.
A name you trust.

That’s the USECO Advantage.